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September 25, 2009

Sanem’s English

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Sanem prefers playing her pretend games (Jasmine, Ariel, Bambi, … reenactments) in English and when she speaks, it is very cute for me. Her pronunciation is very good, except for the V sounds. 🙂 But when she cannot express herself, she says, “we can also play in Turkish”.

Couple things to remember (though it may not mean much to everyone, Serhat and I will remember):

– About the looser prince played by the daddy: “I dont know about him mom,  I dont know about him” (about May 2009). By the way, when the cool prince comes (just a low voice and confident etc), she fell so quickly for him that it was scary. So I started weawing into questioning the prince episodes into her prince marrying the princess games.

– When she wants to declare independence: “Daddy I am -fiifff-teen- years old!” (in the US, around Nov. 2008)

– “This is -mine-, -that’s- yours-” (Sep 2009)

I think she likes learning languages, she was very eager to pick a a few words of Spanish from Serhat as well.

I will add more later on…


September 23, 2009

Country roads, J. Denver

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Sanem heard this song during vacation (from a Japanese childrens movie) and sings the tune beautifully, adding a new line every once in a while. She is so cute. :}

Her version: Country roads, Take me home, In my place, I belong, West Virginia, Mountain mama, Take me home, Country roads.

Yaman is always hungy

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Yaman woke up today at 6:30, came to the living oom with me all happy, saw the leftover fruit plate, started a sad sounding “Mam mam mam mam” and didnt let go until we gave him his fresh fruit plate. :} (I will try to avoid the smiley emoticon)

His dr thinks he is overweight (95% in weight, 90% in height, but the ratio is also probably in 95%). We make sure we dont give him more than he asks for and of course he doesnt even know sweets and since he is also very active, I dont mind his weight. Sanem was quite similar (easy to feed, quite chubby, though a bit less than this).

Conference and holiday in Cyprus

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I have a lot of news to tell of course, since I just started. First and foremost, Serhat and I “dared” to take the kids to Cyprus for an extended conference/vacation. We went to Mercure hotel in Girne (Kyrene?) for 5 nights and to ODTU Northern Cyprus campus for 2 more days. It was a very very tiring but also a fun vacation with two kids, testing our limits. The days started before 7am, when I would feed Yaman at the open buffet (for about 15 min) and Serhat would collect food for Sanem and help her eat. But of course, as soon as they were done, Yaman wanted to go crawl all over the hotel and Sanem wanted to go pee/tto the pool/… so we barely gulped down our food and started our day.

Maybe the funniest was them crying in tandem at the hotel room. Even though the room  was large and comfy, we had not thought of the logistics of putting them to sleep in the same room. So in the evening, when Yaman started crying, Sanem also decided she should get attention as well and started crying. Then, Yaman looked at her and cried more because she cries (as he always does), … Finally we figured out our first strategy which was take one of the kids out of the room, and the remaining kid sleeps immediately!  Fortunately the hotel had lots of comfy couches outside the rooms, so this was easy.

The hotel had a small, sandy beach. Again, the first day we took them to the beach, we realized we need (or at least we are used to) having extra people to help with them: when Yaman got into the sea and out, while Serhat was taking care of Sanem in the sea, we realized that it is so tough to dress this little allegator (his nickname for powerful turns under changing situations) on the beach, without getting him all sandy again. So the next day, we undressed him completely, he played in the sea, got out, took a cold shower with me, got wrapped up in 3 big towels, nursed and slept on the deck overlooking the breazy sea.

The ODTU campus in Guzelyurt was also interesting, very similar to Sabancı but further away from civilization! :} It was bigger in size, but the facilities seemed much less, at least at that time of the year. So we had to find some food for Yaman in the cafeteriea (serving one main meal and a few sides), a cafeteria that had almost nothing besides tea/coffee and a market. Sleeping in the same place with the 2 kids was easier in a way but more difficult in some others: we had a cute 3 bedroom student housing where we had a kitchen and shower for ourselves, but each room had a single bed and a desk! So I ended up with (not) sleeping with Yaman, until I figured out a position where he would not fall (padded with pillows), yet I would still have some room to sleep, all in a single bed.

In short for the trip, Sanem and Yaman were very happy with us, being at the sea and with all the novelties around (e.g. the music band that played each nigh was enthusiastically applauded by both). We were too very happy, but tired parents (we were looking forward to coming back to work :}).

I guess I can write longer, but probably I will find a comfortable amount to write when I figure out my blogging style.

First Day in Blogging

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I have been thinking a long time about blogging, as a neat way of journal-ing. We had tried a paper notebook for Sanem, but thats not very sharable nor this neat looking. Now here is my new (academic) year resolution that I will keep a blog every day or so to record Sanem and Yaman’s news.

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