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September 25, 2009

Sanem’s English

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Sanem prefers playing her pretend games (Jasmine, Ariel, Bambi, … reenactments) in English and when she speaks, it is very cute for me. Her pronunciation is very good, except for the V sounds. 🙂 But when she cannot express herself, she says, “we can also play in Turkish”.

Couple things to remember (though it may not mean much to everyone, Serhat and I will remember):

– About the looser prince played by the daddy: “I dont know about him mom,  I dont know about him” (about May 2009). By the way, when the cool prince comes (just a low voice and confident etc), she fell so quickly for him that it was scary. So I started weawing into questioning the prince episodes into her prince marrying the princess games.

– When she wants to declare independence: “Daddy I am -fiifff-teen- years old!” (in the US, around Nov. 2008)

– “This is -mine-, -that’s- yours-” (Sep 2009)

I think she likes learning languages, she was very eager to pick a a few words of Spanish from Serhat as well.

I will add more later on…


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