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October 7, 2009

Sanem and Yaman Plays Together

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Yesterday there was a full game of hide and seek where Sanem would hide in one of the rooms; then give a hint with her voice and Yaman would happily find her. It was quite endearing, hope they are always they loving towards each other.


October 4, 2009

Yaman is a hungry monster

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Yaman figured out that he can access food by going to the kitchen and saying “mom mom mom” in a pitiful way, while showing to the fridge or the fruit basket. So we start chopping up some fruit, but if he really wants it, he ups the whining and wants the whole food: honewdew, apples, bananas!!, lemon, pears,… So today he choked on the apple when we finally took it from him and he started crying. It is very cute and also miserable.

Yaman is officially walking

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Today Yaman is 11 months old and he is officially walking. For about one month, he has been walking holding on to the couches etc, and today he could do at least 10 steps and he is more confident. He is funny walking, with his arms flailing and stiff and quick steps…


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