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December 28, 2009

Sanem sounds like me

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Sanem le oyun oynayınca baktım gözlerini kısarak ve böyle bir kibarca  konusuyor (resmi, kutuphanede gibi oyunlarda), meğer ben yapıyormuşum, annemin hep kızdığı şey (kısma gözlerini!)…

Ama çok tatlı, mesela tarif falan veriyor, kuaföre gidiyor orada hep şöyle diyor:

“Biz size gelmiyorduk, ama burası çok güzelmiş, çok güzel oje sürüyorsunuz, bundan sonra buraya gelelim.”



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Yaman bana Anni diyor, dün bir Anne cıktı agzından ve cok tatlı. Diğerleri:

Adö! (Aydede), Vuvvuv (köpek), ıııh (istiyorum, aç), tsch ay (Çay), Pei-ni (Peynir)

Bu arada Sanem daha komplike seylerde zorlanıyor (tabii ki):

… benim bunu yapamadığımı” yerine “benim bunu yapamadıgımı icin” vs gibi seyler

kerez – kere yerine

davul – bavul yerine (yakınlarda duzeldi)

ayabbatı – ayakkabı yerine (4 yaşında düzeldi)

December 25, 2009

Future memory of the mornings

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For the future, so that I look and smile  when I am all cozy in my bed in the morning and dont have to get up:

Yaman gets up 2-6 times a night, about half of the good one and half bad each week. I still dont know why, of course teething pain, congestion, mosquitoes in the summer  etc allcontibute to the getting up. His final get up is between 6-6:30 am, at which time at the cost of extra nursing, I can occasionally put him back to sleep for another 1-1.5 hrs. But most of ten its 6:30 get up. But he is even cuter at that time with all the freash-out-of-bed smalles and looks, so I dont complain too much. Its the night wakings that kills me.

Sanem used to get up at 5am when Yamans age (1-2). Now she gets up at 7-7:30. She is very cute normally (comes for half an hour of cartoons), but if she is sick, then she is miserable and makes us miserable as well. Thank God she just started taking her medicine w/o too much fuss, this used to be a nightmare. Currently, dressing up Sanem in the morning is the least favorite job. 🙂 She also eats better: egs (batırmalı), cheerios, or occasionally daddy made crepes.

Scaring mommy and Trucks

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Whenever Yaman does something risky (like sliding down from the couch) and I get scared, he chuckles. It makes me think of the future.

He is still very keen on cars, trucks, … gğğğgggğğ as he imitates the engine sound (this was in fact his first “word”,  since the summer)

December 22, 2009

Yaman’s long hair

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Yaman’s hair is quite long for a boy, but he looks so cute with his hair that people (mom, maybe even me) oppose a haircut.  We are looking for a manly hair gathering thing or a good time for a haircur, but in the meantime he occasionally gets a hair pin. :}

December 20, 2009


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Yaman seems engineerly inclined his dad claimed, as he was trying to screw his bottle’s nipple today and sportif (loves to climb the couch with the short legs, climb the little chair and down and back and seems fearless about falling).

Sanem seemed to improve a lot in terms of activity, balance etc,  after she attended gymnastics with Yagmur for 2-3 months last spring, but then she refuses to go anymore since she feels she fails (she is not very elastic, so she cant easily do the “kartal gecişi”). Yagmur on the other hand is strong and elastic and loves gymnastics. The Russian teachers in Burhanfelek are worth to see though (very disciplined, no-play at all). I need to find a different schol, maybe for dance or ballet for Sanem. However, what bothers me is that she doesnt even like to go out, unless she has friends (opposite of me). 

She is excellent in  dancing (creating all sorts of moves) and good in music (singing very well). But I would say her most obvious ability is language; she still loves and uses English in most her pretend games.

Late parenthood

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Sleepy YamanWell, we are so hopelessly tired these days that it has to be mentioned, even in the joys-of-our-lives, apples-of-my-eyes’ blog. Work is as demanding as ever (even with  my (self) lowered teaching load). Workdays 10-5 for me and then 5-10pm at home, almost non-stop. Sahla helps in the evenings thank God, as we really notice on her 1 day break. Oh, of course there is the 2-5 times nightly wake-ups for nursing too. 5 isnt so bad because 1-2 happens when Iam stil l awake and the last one is the ctual get up, just before 7am.

So I suggest anyone does and finish with parenting before they are 35.

Yaman talks 1-2 syllables

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An-ni! Mommy (we watch a lot of Boowa-Kwala, but never taugh that) 

Mu for Muz (banana)

Sth-i-sş for pee (çiş)

Ban for banyo (bath, he loves!)

Wuv- vuv – Hav hav, dog

Ma-mu for Maymun (monkey)

Ih ıh and a small cry in different tones for anything that he wants (open, give me)

Yaman has more teeth and eats more

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Yaman got 2 more teeth (lower molars coming) and during meal times (usually after his meal), he comes looking to see wht we are having and usuallygoes back with something (cucumber from Sanem’s plate, ,which S happily shares; cheese toast bits from my plate…)

He eats grandma soup and/or fresh cooked  something (1-2 twice a week) and yogurt in his luch/dinners. For breaksfast, most days its eggs and some days oats… He loves bananas (mu, mu!)

Sanem gets complex

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These days Sanem cracks me up with her logic and talking. She forms such “adult”  thoughts that its very cute. Couple of them:

– When I grow up ,I will remind you that you did this and you will be very sorry and you will miss my childhood.

In reply to: You will be uneducated and jobless if you dont go to school (overboard? :))          No mom, its not that I don’t go to school, I go several hundreds of days, just not tomorrow.

– She already corrects (for the last 6 mo at least) Serhat or me, if we answer her questions alightlywrongly, saying that thats not what she asked…

– She imitates class friends saying something like  “In the pool, you know?”  (Havuz var ya), in a ditzy tone, and adds “No, I dont know, why do they assume I know…”! This one is from me basically and I both cracked up and felt embarassed. for it.  (heard last month).

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