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December 20, 2009

Sanem gets complex

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These days Sanem cracks me up with her logic and talking. She forms such “adult”  thoughts that its very cute. Couple of them:

– When I grow up ,I will remind you that you did this and you will be very sorry and you will miss my childhood.

In reply to: You will be uneducated and jobless if you dont go to school (overboard? :))          No mom, its not that I don’t go to school, I go several hundreds of days, just not tomorrow.

– She already corrects (for the last 6 mo at least) Serhat or me, if we answer her questions alightlywrongly, saying that thats not what she asked…

– She imitates class friends saying something like  “In the pool, you know?”  (Havuz var ya), in a ditzy tone, and adds “No, I dont know, why do they assume I know…”! This one is from me basically and I both cracked up and felt embarassed. for it.  (heard last month).


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