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December 25, 2009

Future memory of the mornings

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For the future, so that I look and smile  when I am all cozy in my bed in the morning and dont have to get up:

Yaman gets up 2-6 times a night, about half of the good one and half bad each week. I still dont know why, of course teething pain, congestion, mosquitoes in the summer  etc allcontibute to the getting up. His final get up is between 6-6:30 am, at which time at the cost of extra nursing, I can occasionally put him back to sleep for another 1-1.5 hrs. But most of ten its 6:30 get up. But he is even cuter at that time with all the freash-out-of-bed smalles and looks, so I dont complain too much. Its the night wakings that kills me.

Sanem used to get up at 5am when Yamans age (1-2). Now she gets up at 7-7:30. She is very cute normally (comes for half an hour of cartoons), but if she is sick, then she is miserable and makes us miserable as well. Thank God she just started taking her medicine w/o too much fuss, this used to be a nightmare. Currently, dressing up Sanem in the morning is the least favorite job. 🙂 She also eats better: egs (batırmalı), cheerios, or occasionally daddy made crepes.


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