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May 7, 2010

Vacation @ Antalya

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We went to Antalya for a well-deserved and waited vacation (partly also for the itchy socks issue, see above), at the end of May (last day of classes). We rented a villa from Joy Lettings* in Fethiye, Çalış plajı and had a very peaceful vacation with babaanne and dede! Sanem loves to be by the sea AND she doesnt like to go to school (I dont blame her in that they start fullday education so early), so she was very happy at Antalya.

The only sad memory is that Yaman had recently started to walk confidently. He had fallen and badly scratched his nose just before Antalya, and there he fell on the little stairs and finally a mosquito bit him, making his face like a boxer’s beaten face. He was even surprised and upset when he saw his face at the mirror.

* I very much recommend the JoyLettings. They rent villas made by/for English tourists who spend summer time in Turkey, so the property is well mainteained and houses are big/comfy with many bathrooms.


May 1, 2010

Sanem’s Drawings

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Sanem’s drawing teacher said during the parents meeting that she is very good and especially neat at her drawings (fills colors in detail) and that she helps her friends with theirs whenever she is done (e.g. they ask her how something looks like, something she said she really appreciates.

Here are many of her end of year protfolio, so dates are mostly Jan-May 2010.

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