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July 31, 2010

Merkez Bankasi Camp in İzmir

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In mid July, we went to the camp of Merkez Bankasi, thanks to my dad. It was my mom, me, Sanem/Yaman and Yusuf/Sami and Merve.

Everyone knew Yaman by the end of the vacation as the free soul who likes to run with naked feet, is fearless and cute. He would run down the ramps in the restaurant saying wheeee with us closing our eyes and hoping.

Sanem was so sweet taking one more step towards swimming each day. She loves swimming so much anyway that she giggles almost all the time as she swims. There she got very comfortable swimming with arm-bands (kolluk) and holding her breath under the water.

At the camp, the temperature was 36 degree during the day! and the house was one of the farthest on the hill. Serhat and I woved to never ever vacation outside the September period. Then he left to go to a conference and it was me and my mom with two kids and 3 teenagers! Yaman would climb up the slides (the most steep one) and call “Küçük bomba geliyor” imitating me (little bomb is coming), as he slided back. Oh, of course I cannot forget nursing at the top of the slides, at that temperature.

I will skip sleeping arrangements, but say that it was a lot of fun, beautiful place, but not very relaxing or resting for us.

I should also mention the plane ride coming to the camp which was very pleasant at first, but of course at some point Yaman decides he had enough and I have food trays and juices on my lap. Sanem saved me by holding many things and I did the most extravagant entertainments to have Yaman sit while I cleared the trays.


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