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October 3, 2010

Sanem the gentle soul and prince charming

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Sanem has so far been a very gentle, non-agressive character. Typical conversation:

Reading paperbag princess…

BY: Sanem, what would you say if the prince that you saved told you to go home and put on better clothes? (the  princess’s clothes got ruined while she went through trouble saving him) – I am hoping that she will be fiesty a bit

SY: Teşekkür ederim… (Thank you)

BY: ?? What? Is that all you would say to the rude prince? Try again!

SY: No, I won’t!  (go put better clothes), – sounding slightly more mad.

I admit, I occasionally try to teach her to be less gentle, … and to pick a prince after she learns whether the prince is also smart, hardworking, good …in  our games. This reminds me another nice anecdote, about when she was 4-4.5.

One day daddy plays  the role of prince when we take roles in her imaginary plays and he decides to be a looser prince. After he does his part and asks her to marry him,  she turns to me and says shaking her head:

SY: I dont know about him mom, I dont know about him.

I was pretty suprised with the English here (that game was in English).

When he finally becomes a cool prince (by only making a commanding, confident voice), she immediately accepts his marriage proposal! whereby I start educating her in being demanding about princes too. 😉


By the way, for future credit (Sanem!), I play the imaginary games for 10-30 min. every day! She is a lost/hurt baby animal; she is Bambi; or she is the michievous little Ariel -until she was 5,; or our general favorite Alexia games with, our bad, jealous character… where she is  “Lena”, often Alexias’ older sister or friend). The games are often in English.


After describing a long game to me one day, she goes:

SY: Başşla Anne, başla!  – when I am only half-awake…, later this became a joke she would use to start a game.


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