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April 26, 2011

To remember…

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Yaman running in an exxagerated way.

Yaman not wanting to wear anything; doesnt he get cold? Apparently not! I even searched for “disadvantages of going barefoot cold rheumatism…” but it turned out only benefits! I thought of Rachel. πŸ™‚

Yaman is approaching the end of his gold lion cub hair. It gets tangled every day and will get too hot in the summer. But I am afraid to loose my boy as I have kown him when he gets a hair cut and starts looking like a handsome but older and different boy.

Sanem talking back to me w/ full logic (“as if I told you …, “). In general she is very logical and can defend herself very well.

Sanem was upset yesterday explaining us how she wants sweets after every meal (so 3 times) but she is allowed 2 little treats a day, whereas US, we can have sweets whenever we want! :)/ It was heart breaking for me to hear and watch her shed sweet tears. But my attempts are paying off, she stops even eating chocolate if Β it doesnt please her too much, now.

Sanem is talking dearly about her classmate Efe (a boy). I think they both like each others company, if not “like each other”. πŸ™‚ It is very sweet. I heard from Efe’s father that he imitates everyone in class but skips Sanem as “she has nothing to imitate”. πŸ™‚ Today Sanem was explaining how he laid down on her lap in the service bus. We try not to laugh and be neutral, though not too encouraging either (to not encourage “love” issues to early).


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