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September 30, 2014


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Yaman: "Pleh-Station" bekleniyor, 1. sınıf başarı ile geçerse dedim. Bu aralar bilimadamı ve tamirci/mühendis olmak istiyor. Hala birşey öğrenince kahkaha atıyor. Dün çantasını unuttu, ödev yapamayacak diye korkuyor…

Sanem: Çok olgun, ve tatlı, sabah kalkması, işlerini yapması, evde yalnızsak alarmı kurdurması…
"Mom, talk to grandma the way you want me to talk with you when you are older"


Blog again

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Why did I skip blogging so much! In 2013, I use Facebook as a blogging alternative, but this is so much better.

Yaman has just stared 1st grade at Okan. He likes the school that we chose because all of his friends go there and it starts late and it is cheaper and more flexible than Eyuboglu. They started to learn to write (cursive handwriting) in the 2nd week. When he first started, he took two rests while drawing one character and a faint writing showed up (letter E and e). 🙂

Sanem is very mature and cute. She shows a lot of make-up, dress-up tendencies that scare me :), but she also gets high grades in many exams and evaluations (formal exams started this year); and she enjoys getting good grades and strive for better (w/o killing herself by any means) since 2nd grade. They just had the first sleep-over (at Tuana’s house in the same complex as us), and there was no sign of "I missed you"s.

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