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September 30, 2010

Sanem and Yaman wear jeans

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Sanem refused to wear jeans for a long time; finally I see het cute bottom in jeans. Of course Yaman looks great in jeans too! (kargaya yavrusu)



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DiaSa is the little market at the campus where Yaman is very well-known. He goes there every morning to play with cars, and lately to get icecream.

September 29, 2010

Mom goes on vacation!

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On Saturday morning, I went to Taraklı with highschool grilfriends for an overnight trip. I was so happy about having some time off to myself, w/o kids that I screamed when entering the minibus that would take us to Taraklı; the older moms just laughed at me.  In short, it was a wonderful weekend at Hanimeli Konagi, built and run by Banu and Pembegül.

One concern was how how Yaman would take it, but before going to a conference for a few days, I wanted to test it and get him used to the idea too. Of course Yaman did not like this very much and woke up several times asking to nurse, but Sona and annanne comforted him. On Sunday morning he said “anneyi istemiyorum” indicating that he wasn’t crying for me when he woke up, but later said “açsana, versene” to annanne, I am told. He met me as if nothing happened, and started nursing right away.

Anyone looking for a great place to get away should consider Tarakli and Hanimeli Konağı.

September 17, 2010

Yaman is very polite

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Today Yaman said “bir bardak su isteyebilir miyim” or “may I have a glass of water”. 🙂 Up to this time, he used to say “V-ieeer” (but he had started to correct it when we said “say, verir misin?)

September 16, 2010


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Its been always difficult for me to put my two babies to sleep: they either sleep while nursing, or they almost never slept with me. Serhat and mom say I must be at fault, but I think its because they liked nursing so much somehow (that I never got much training otherwise, or else so often they do that that they cant do it otherways etc).

With Sanem, Serhat would carry her facing forward, in the most awkward position. With Yaman, things have always been easier. He was carried the first year or so, then got swayed on the legs. These days he asks for two huge pillow and maybe a third put on the legs! 🙂 

YesterdayYaman tried to go back to sleep after nursing (yes, still, but slowly weaning)and when he couldnt, he got up huffing and puffing and marched to mom’s room and got himself a dandini-dandini. 🙂 It’s so cute when a little one is sleepy and mad like that. Today grandma wasnt there so he went to Sona (our nanny) like that.

July 31, 2010

Merkez Bankasi Camp in İzmir

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In mid July, we went to the camp of Merkez Bankasi, thanks to my dad. It was my mom, me, Sanem/Yaman and Yusuf/Sami and Merve.

Everyone knew Yaman by the end of the vacation as the free soul who likes to run with naked feet, is fearless and cute. He would run down the ramps in the restaurant saying wheeee with us closing our eyes and hoping.

Sanem was so sweet taking one more step towards swimming each day. She loves swimming so much anyway that she giggles almost all the time as she swims. There she got very comfortable swimming with arm-bands (kolluk) and holding her breath under the water.

At the camp, the temperature was 36 degree during the day! and the house was one of the farthest on the hill. Serhat and I woved to never ever vacation outside the September period. Then he left to go to a conference and it was me and my mom with two kids and 3 teenagers! Yaman would climb up the slides (the most steep one) and call “Küçük bomba geliyor” imitating me (little bomb is coming), as he slided back. Oh, of course I cannot forget nursing at the top of the slides, at that temperature.

I will skip sleeping arrangements, but say that it was a lot of fun, beautiful place, but not very relaxing or resting for us.

I should also mention the plane ride coming to the camp which was very pleasant at first, but of course at some point Yaman decides he had enough and I have food trays and juices on my lap. Sanem saved me by holding many things and I did the most extravagant entertainments to have Yaman sit while I cleared the trays.

July 1, 2010

First sex education question from Sanem

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Anne, ben senin karnında yoktuysam, sonra nasıl girdim de sen beni doğurunca oradan çıktım?

June 15, 2010

Itchy socks issue is resolved!

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During the spring, Sanem cried many mornings, stressing about getting dressed (itchy socks and bad underwear etc), we took an early vacation to Antalya (mostly for this reason actually) and she quit all of it. Now she dresses by herself and even take showers by herself. Besides, she is growing so much everyday and she is so fun/pleasant that I am starting to think of her teenage years many days.

May 7, 2010

Vacation @ Antalya

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We went to Antalya for a well-deserved and waited vacation (partly also for the itchy socks issue, see above), at the end of May (last day of classes). We rented a villa from Joy Lettings* in Fethiye, Çalış plajı and had a very peaceful vacation with babaanne and dede! Sanem loves to be by the sea AND she doesnt like to go to school (I dont blame her in that they start fullday education so early), so she was very happy at Antalya.

The only sad memory is that Yaman had recently started to walk confidently. He had fallen and badly scratched his nose just before Antalya, and there he fell on the little stairs and finally a mosquito bit him, making his face like a boxer’s beaten face. He was even surprised and upset when he saw his face at the mirror.

* I very much recommend the JoyLettings. They rent villas made by/for English tourists who spend summer time in Turkey, so the property is well mainteained and houses are big/comfy with many bathrooms.

May 1, 2010

Sanem’s Drawings

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Sanem’s drawing teacher said during the parents meeting that she is very good and especially neat at her drawings (fills colors in detail) and that she helps her friends with theirs whenever she is done (e.g. they ask her how something looks like, something she said she really appreciates.

Here are many of her end of year protfolio, so dates are mostly Jan-May 2010.

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